About The Pizza Company™

Everyone knows that Pizza is an Italian dish but did you know that after Queen Margherita had it in her meal, it has become famous and the most loved dish of the wealthy people decades back. Pizza’s were so delicious that this dish has become one of the favorite dishes around the world. It was introduced in India in the 80’s, and since then, it is loved by everyone.

Three brothers whose love for food have turned them into chefs have come up with The Pizza Company, a place where your’s and their favorite cheesy, savory, crispy, and tangy dish ‘Pizza.’ The three of them have immense experience in the art of making Pizza and the HoReCa industry.

Veg Exotic King

Tasty chicken pizza with mushrooms and spices

The handcrafted pizzas are served at The Pizza Company with the secret blend of sauces, Italian herbs, and cheese. The Pizza’s are loaded with different types of cheese and toppings, which makes them irresistible. The menu has our favorite Pizzas along with freshly baked burgers, french fries, and beverages. The bliss does not end here; you also get loads of offers every time you place an order for your favorite dish.

The Pizza Company’s menu has been curated by the three brothers having different varieties of handcrafted Pizza from thin crust to wheat base pizzas; you’ll get every kind of Pizza and loads of toppings options to choose from.

You are just a call away to get your favorite dish delivered at your doorstep.